208 Kentucky Ave.
Paducah, KY 42003
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Harmony Road is a CENTER for creative musicians!  Our goal is to help families provide a musical environment and training that will nurture creative, lifelong musicians!

From early childhood music classes to group piano and guitar for school-aged children through adults, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Early Childhood Classes 

Parents with children from birth through Kindergarten enjoy age-appropriate activities in either  leveled or mixed-age classes to lay the groundwork for future musical development.

Beginning and Advanced Group Piano

Students ages 5 through adults learn to play the piano with an emphasis on ear training, singing, applied theory and music-reading. Collaboration with others develops creativity, improvisation and composing skills.

Guitar and Private PianoLessons

Intro to Guitar group classes for beginners ages 10 and up, private guitar lessons for more experienced studentsand private piano lessons for graduates of our group piano classes.


What they're saying...

Kenya E.

I learned about Harmony Road when my sons were 3, 1, and 4 months.  Their first class was Toddler Tunes.  After graduation from group piano classes, they transitioned into private piano lessons, culminating with a senior year performance unique to their individual ability and style.  Amy Allen taught them how to play the piano, but more importantly instilled in them a passion and love for music.  They have continued playing piano in college, as well as other instruments they have learned following the foundation they received from Harmony Road.  They play for church worship services, convocations, student ministries and retreats. They sneak away from the hectic college schedule, find a piano on campus, and play for their own therapeutic benefit.  They return home and often one of the first stops they make is to the music room to sit down at the piano and play for a few minutes. Harmony Road Music School is one of the greatest lifetime investiments my husband and I have given our children.

Bennett E.

Going from high school to college is a big transition for many people, as it was for me.  PIano and playing music was the one constant in my life throughout the transition.  It gave me confidence to achieve and put myself out there.  The ability to play the piano helped shape the person I am today.  

Catherine H.

We love it there! Miss Kelly really went above and beyond to give the best experience to our 2 year old! (Extremely patient through his fits) He loves music, and he gets excited when he sees we are going to music class! I recommend this place to everyone! 

Jaclyn W.

I had a long layover in Warsaw at the Chopin International Airport, and they have pianos in every terminal available for anyone to play on. I got a chance to sit down and play in the middle of the terminal...and somehow I remembered the Chopin piece I played for my senior recital. It was such a cool moment playing it in his hometown. Even though I didn't graduate with a music degree, it's still an important part of my life. Once I transferred to Murray, I started playing in the adult worship band at FBC Murray on Sunday mornings and in the college worship band at night, in addition to the one at BCM on campus. I learned I don't need an official music minor for what I want to do with it, even though I ended up having so many (22) credit hours and was really close to getting one. I can still love it as a hobby and serve in my church. All of that to say, I just wanted to tell you that I'm still so thankful for the influence you've had in my life!

Danielle W.

      I can’t say enough about our experience with Harmony Road. As a mother who attends every lesson, I am also learning so much that was not part of my traditional piano lesson style 25 years ago. I feel like I missed so much music theory and have been restricted to sight reading. It’s amazing to think how much more freedom my kids will have as they learn music in this style.

       On another note, what a blessing it has been to have such compassionate and patient instructors work with my children. I am weekly amazed at not only the teaching and musical skills, but the creativity and interaction styles that can engage a group of energetic children.

Mary G.

Love Harmony Road Music.

They offers summer sessions of a variety. Mostly for young children with arts & crafts. Have Private lessons as well as group lessons. My grandson just loves the ladies of Harmony Road, Ms Rachel, Mrs Debbie, Mrs Kelly & of course Mrs Amy!