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Do you feel tickled PINK on some days or as excited as attending a RED carpet event on others?  We all know that music can affect our emotions and moods, but so can color and art!  Harmony Road and Smudge have partnered together to bring you a series of classes that combine all of these components of rhythm, colors, emotions, and art.  

$20 per child per class

or $90 per child for all five classes.


Ages: mature 2s and up.


Class size is limited to 10 participants.

Min: 4


During five Friday sessions, we will discover the connections between music, colors, art, and the emotions portrayed by the book's color-ful animal characters. Harmony Road teachers will begin each session with music, movement, rhythm instrument play, and active listening activities for exploring two of the book's ten colors and animals. SMUDGE staff will afterward aid children in experiencing these colors and moods through thematic art and craft activities, and instrument-making. Following the

class, feel free to stay until 11:30 for free play and self-directed activities

in the SMUDGE studio.


These engaging and fun-filled classes will held on the following Fridays at SMUDGE, 2225 Broadway, Paducah, KY, starting at 10am:


October 18th (Red horse and Blue bird) (Tambourine Art activity)


October 25th (Brown bear and Yellow bee) (Egg Shaker Art activity)


November 1 (Grey owl and Orange seal) (Kazoo Art activity)


November 8 (Green fish and Purple dinosaur) (Flute Art Activity)


November 15 (Pink flamingo and Black wolf) (Drum Art activity)


Participants may choose to sign up for all five classes

or may opt to drop-in on individual classes.  

Painting Eggs
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