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Babies Make Music for birth - 18 mos

OR Toddler Tunes for 15 mos - 3 yrs


Both the Babies Make Music and the Toddler Tunes courses are designed for families to experience rhythmic musical games, lullabies, beat-keeping/bouncing songs, singing and movement. Designed to help parents in learning how to create a rich musical environment for their babies or their toddlers, it is a springboard to stimulate daily music-making at home.   

~Class size min of 4 children/max 7

12-week semesters/30 min weekly

Two 6-week mini-sessions offered back-to-back per semester with a discount given for enrolling in both sessions - you must register for both sessions at the beginning of the semester to get the discount. 




To schedule a pod group, email

In our mixed-age Music Together® classes, babies, toddlers, preschoolers up thru age 5, and the grownups who love them play musically together.

A perfect family activity for sibling groups, but also for a grown up with one child, this 45-minute class includes a range of musical experiences, from playful free-movement to instrumental jam sessions, in a musical immersion style of learning with singing, moving, listening, watching, or exploring instruments. 

Rhythm Kids by Music Together® is an exciting, comprehensive music program for ages 4 - 6! Through singing, djembe drumming, creative movement, ensemble and solo singing, improvising and pre-literacy games, Rhythm Kids by Music Together® helps children become confident music makers.  45 min weekly

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Age Leveled Music Classes

for ages 3 - 6 / K with parent


At around age 3 or earlier, children can begin to associate sound with symbols, so this is the perfect time to begin taking musical concepts from experiential to more concrete with peers of the same age. Several courses guide the learner to a deeper understanding and ability to communicate musically -  connecting aural to visual, and developing audition skills. 

~ Music in Me is a dynamic readiness program for children ages 3 - 4 who are ready for singing by copy with solfege. Exploring the keyboard and playing with percussion instruments helps develop pitch and rhythm awareness.

~Rhythm and Rhythm is designed for older 4s - 6s (K). It lays a solid foundation of musical aptitude and music literacy. Using songs and games, the musical concepts of beat, rhythm, melody, form, harmony and musical notation are introduced and reinforced. Movement, improvisation and creativity also emphasized.

~NEW! Seasonal Themed Music Mini Session Classes! For ages 3 - 6 with adult. Exploring songs and activities based on various seasons and holidays, these class experiences will help cultivate musicianship, develop listening skills, and include exploration of percussion and Orff instruments. Nurturing creativity with two sessions per semester.


Music in Me and Rhythm and Rhyme have piano extension readiness activities to prepare for potential future piano study.

Harmony Road's Piano Program has always focused on developing

the total musician!

And we have been adapting with the times and reinventing ways to deliver our lessons! It may look a little different from time to time, but it's the same top-quality instruction you have come to know from Harmony Road!

This year, we have multiple options for

learning to play the piano!

From group lessons to duo lessons to private lessons (for advanced students), our aim is to guide the pianist in creative and artful expression of their music!

You choose from in-person lessons or virtual lessons online. Either way, we are prepared to make the most of brand new innovative technologies both in-studio or when digitally delivered to you at home. 

~15-16 classes per semester / groups starting at age 5 and up / tuition and materials fees depends on the lesson option you choose.

~A piano or keyboard, and a magnetic staff board are required for at home practice.

For more info, email us.

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We emphasize creativity through improvisation and composing in our lessons! 

Nurturing lifelong musicians is our #1 goal!

Ask us about guitar lessons in private beginner or advanced level lessons.


In Beginning Guitar, students will learn songs, basic guitar chords and strum patterns, while students who are proficient playing basic chords and strum patterns in addition to being able to read chord charts will take their playing to the next level in  Advanced Guitar by learning more advanced strums, guitar scales, theory, and performing various creative exercises.

~Singing while playing will be strongly encouraged.

~Music style will primarily be Contemporary Christian and worship music, with the purpose

of teaching the next generation of church musicians. Music sheets will be provided as

part of the lesson fee.

~Students must have a guitar to play during

their lesson and to practice with at home. 

~30 minute weekly lessons in person

~No more than 4 to a group..

~Ages 9 and up.


Ask about combining a private piano lesson with guitar!

Or group guitar lessons for an introductory course.

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