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What's so cool about learning to

play the guitar?

It's actually the discipline and focus that you develop while learning to make music and play in a

group with friends!

And at Harmony Road,

we have the COOLEST guitar teacher,

Amanda Arterburn!


And she is taking new students for classes or private lessons

for students ages 10 and up!


Day and time of lesson to be arranged.

Call Harmony Road at 270-444-3669


Intro to Guitar classes usually involve 4 class sessions with 2 - 4 students, 35 to 45 minutes long, depending on the number of students. 


Private lessons are also available

30-minute sessions for 12 - 16 weeks each semester and 6 weeks in the Summer.

Questions? Call 270-444-3669

Now scheduling guitar students in private intro or advanced level lessons. Call for more information.  270.444.3669


In Intro to Guitar, beginning students will learn songs, basic guitar chords and strum patterns in a 4-week class, while students who are proficient playing basic chords and strum patterns in addition to being able to read chord charts will take their playing to the next level in Private Lessons by learning more advanced strums, guitar scales, theory, and performing various creative exercises. Singing while playing will be strongly encouraged. Music style will primarily be Contemporary Christian and worship music, with the purpose of teaching the next generation of church musicians. Students must have a guitar to play during their lesson and to practice with at home. 

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