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Our Mission
Harmony Road music class
Child playing xylophone


We provide an exciting and comprehensive program designed to help children discover the world of music with:

  • research-based, motivating materials

  • trained and experienced teachers

  • both age-grouped early childhood courses and mixed-age family music classes

  • beginner and intermediate group piano classes, advanced group, duo piano lessons, private piano lessons, and private guitar lessons - something for everyone from school-age through adults!

smiling child playing Orff instrument
children playing cymbals
child playing piano

We believe that families making music together are a key ingredient for successful music training, and that young children learn through play and exploration. 


Utilizing ear training, movement, solfege singing, keyboard playing, rhythmic activities and creative projects, we also place special emphasis on cultivating creativity through improvisation and composing skills.  You don't need to be an expert at music, because our teachers are trained to help you engage with your child to encourage learning. And it's great FUN too!

Baby listening to music
Teacher Biographies
Music teacher



"I first became interested in the Harmony Road music curriculum for their preschool program and the way it flows right into piano lessons. I had never intended to teach piano in groups, but when attending the HR teacher training for their preschool curriculum, I also saw some 8 year old group piano students who could improvise and compose their own music, transpose songs, and choose chord accompaniments by ear, I was decidedly impressed! These were skills I thought only advanced students could learn.  The Harmony Road piano curriculum truly teaches whole musicianship, and I wanted my piano students to learn all these skills from the beginning of their music training."

Teacher at piano



"From a child, I loved to play on the keys of the piano at home where my mother gave private lessons.  As a result, I began picking out melodies and accompanying them with chords at a very young age.  

This kind of musical ear training is now the very concept that I help children develop in the music classes I teach - a most advantageous aspect of the Harmony Road curriculum."

music teacher holding puppet



“I so love to watch children learn.  It is truly exciting to see the enthusiasm children bring and to see a child’s self-confidence soar as new accomplishments are achieved. Harmony Road’s methods of teaching through musical exposure at early ages and through prepping activities for each new concept are both such important keys in a child’s development and appreciation of music as well as their self-confidence in learning.”

Amy Martin.jpg



"I have been a musician from a very young age and I began teaching piano lessons when I was a teenager. I especially love teaching young children and helping them to discover the joy of music.


As children begin their musical journey by singing and moving to music, they discover much about themselves and the world around them. I have seen how music brings families together as well, and I value our classes for the opportunity they give us to know and enjoy one another in and out of the classroom."

guitar teacher

Guitar Instructor

On Maternity Leave for Fall 2021

"Some of my first memories involve singing with my family and singing at church, so when I began learning guitar, singing along came very naturally. I have loved getting to play and sing, and this combination has led me out of my comfort zone into many amazing opportunities. Today, as an assistant worship leader for my church, I am passionate about helping the next generation of musicians learn the skills they need to serve the church through music. I truly believe that an instrument is a powerful tool, and learning to use it well and use it wisely is a deep enrichment in a young person's life."

Teacher singing

Assisting Instructor 

Substitute teaching in 2021-2022

 "I had never taught music before working at Harmony Road, but I've been a singer or performer most of my adult life.  My mother and grandmother, both teachers, sang constantly to me as I was growing up, and my legacy from them is a large repertoire of children's songs and folk songs. So singing to children and teaching them to sing is intuitive and joyful for me."

Mom singing to baby

Assisting Instructor

Substitute teaching in 2021-2022

“Originally a theatre and vocal music major at Sweet Briar College, I grew up performing.  I have a degree in social work, and after becoming a mother in 2018, I discovered the research-based, internationally recognized children's music program, Music Together®, which is based on the belief that all children are musical and can achieve basic music competency.  

I love teaching this program because the classes are as much fun for the parents, grandparents, caregivers, nannies, and babysitters as they are for the children!”

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